The project

Cross-border Sustainable Employment Mix-Centres in the fields of information technologies, tourism and agriculture

acronym SEM—CENTRES, MIS code ROBG – 144, ref. number

Brief description:

The main problems of the Romania-Bulgaria cross-border region are related to social and demographic structure of the population, the poverty and social exclusion, incl. the high rate of unemployment, low investments and entrepreneurial activities. There are needs for better job opportunities, qualifications and environment for entrepreneurs. The region is shaped by high unemployment rates (ar. 10% RO, ar. 12% BG) and the labour market is affected by high inactivity rates and by its poor and small-diversified offer of employment opportunities. Therefore, the SEM-Centres project is targeted to three sectors tourism, ICT and agriculture. Sharing of best practices in tourism can be fruitful for the integration of the area since operators will have the possibility to build a cross-border common offer. The agricultural lands included in the CB area have a huge share (78.21%-RO, 52%-BG) and their potential for development shall be used to foster the employment activities in this field. Finally, the new technologies shall be integrated in these sectors in order to educate the population and improve their business insights. Strengthening the dialogue with local and central authorities will contribute to a better understanding of the important role of the targeted fields and active commitment to the problems of these sectors in the region. The provided trainings, the established SEM-Centres and the access to the virtual Centre will increase the educational level of the population and enhance the knowledge in these sectors.


Strategy for sustainability and transferability of project output and results


Main objective:

To improve the cross-border labour market conditions towards an integrated market with better employment rates



Specific objectives:

  • To improve the joint labour market in three significant fields such as ICT, tourism and agriculture within the entire CB region;
  • To improve job opportunities in the cross-border area by exchange of information and experiences
  • To increase the knowledge of the population for a better inclusion in the labour market
  • To increase the number of participants in joint local employment initiatives and joint trainings

Key activities:

  • Emerging occupations in the fields of agriculture, tourism and IT in the CB area
  • Legal and tax framework for creating a business in the CB region
  • Establishment of cross-border SEM- Centres
  • Trainings in Sustainable Employment in the CB region
  • Design, creation and content management of an online training system
  • Joint labour exchange for organizations and job-applicants – Sustainable Employment Job-Fair
  • Information and publicity Campaign


  • Developed joint Strategy on sustainable employment, joint investment and employment Guides
  • Developed joint databases of unemployed/job seekers and of local CB business
  • Joint trainings and support in agriculture, tourism and IT
  • Established 3 SEM-Centres
  • Established online training platform tailored to the needs of job-seekers
  • Sustainable Employment Job Fair

Project duration:

13.05.2017 - 12.11.2018


SEM-Centres project is funded under INTERREG V-A Romania-Bulgaria Programme

Overall project value:
365 754.59 €
Total ERDF contribution:
310 891.41 €